Convert refunds into retention

Retain your returns revenue or upsell your returns. Save costs with automations and integrations.

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Profitable Returns

How it works

Retain revenue and reduce refunds

Optimize your returns experience to keep your customers coming back

Automated and easy-to-use exchange portal for your customers

Discourage refunds by incentivising your customers with bonus credit on exchanges

Ship exchanges instantly so your customers do not have to wait

Upsell revenue on returns

Turn returns into a profitable part of your business

Seamless shopping experience to exchange for other products

Capture payment difference directly from the portal

Drive additional sales from your returns

Optimise and automate

Iterate through your returns to achieve the best post-purchase experience.

Automate your returns policy using policy rules

Get deeper insights with custom questions during the return process

Automate your approval process and notification handling

With PostCo, BAMBA Swim retains nearly all revenue on returns

revenue retention
hours saved in manual labour
global stores
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Hundreds of our brands have achieved
48% revenue retention
through our returns solution.
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