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Expand reach
Reach a wider audience and open up new opportunities for growth
Revenue share
Receive up to 15% revenue share of your client’s plan as long as they stay with PostCo
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Supercharge your clients’ tech stack with exclusive offers and additional capabilities
Partner support
Get assigned to a dedicated partner manager and Slack channel for effortless collaboration

How we do it


Boost visibility for your offerings with content co-creation via various channels (email newsletter blasts, blog posts, backlinks & more)


More warm introductions, less cold outreach. We’ll connect you with prospective brands. Likewise, we’ll take care of the entire sales process when you refer us

Lead Sharing

We’ll send brands your way. Benefit from a constant flow of leads that best fit your ideal customer profile


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Partner Directory

Customer Experience

Power smarter digital relationships

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Bedford Lane
Shopify Plus

Bedford Lane pushes Shopify & Shopify Plus to their limits.

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Website Design

We are certified Shopify Experts who help brands build and optimize their Shopify and Shopify Plus websites. We offer our expertise in eCommerce development, UX/UI design, and conversion rate optimization.

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Zayed Talib

Decade veteran of Shopify integrations and best practices. I help companies adopt ecommerce, adapt towards offline-to-online, and strategize towards growth.

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Loyalty & Rewards

5 features & 1 app. Loyalty Program, Wishlist, Reviews +2

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Loyalty & Rewards

ReferralCandy helps Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants to set up and automate referral marketing programs for their online stores

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Data & Analytics

The data layer between your business and its potential.

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Reviews & UGC

The all-in-one app to import, collect & display reviews. Automatically feature your best reviews to win you more sales.

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Shopify Plus

Designing and building exceptional Shopify Plus subscription stores for food and beverage, health and cosmetics, and pet care brands since 2010.

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Relevant Digital
Shopify Plus

We create incredible e-commerce journeys.

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Grow Like An Elephant
Shopify Plus

We help Shopify businesses grow online.

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Shopify Plus

Novatize is an eCommerce Firm. Unifying commerce is our core.

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